New & Used

M.A.G. Palleten company manufactures and sells new and used pallets of any type or design. Boards are made out of edged lumber in compliance with all technologies of production and storage. A stable raw material base allows us to handle orders of any volumes both quickly and efficiently. M.A.G. Palleten perfected all of the processes to the last detail: we will take the order  promptly and process all of the documentation in no time. You can collect your order at our warehouse or, alternatively, we can ship pallets and components to anywhere in Europe.




We produce wooden pallets of all standards to suit your needs. We are also able to manufacture custom-designed products. All panel-mounted platforms undergo heat treatment in accordance with ISPM- 15 standard. It is possible to add your corporate logo or brand name.


Our own repairing department is capable of fast and professional repair of wooden pallets. This service would be primarily of interest to logistics companies. We carefully check each panel board platform for sturdiness before shipment and guarantee the quality of repair.


Prompt and timely delivery of any number of new, repaired and used pallets to anywhere in Europe using our own transportation. There is also an option to pick up your order from our warehouse. Wrapping board platforms in shrink and stretch films ensures reliable delivery over any distances.